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Terry Hawkins
Why Wait To Be Great?
© iUniverse Acquired by Berrett-Koehler in 2012

“It’s been my life’s work to help people achieve their goals and experience success both personally and professionally,” said Hawkins. “With the help of Berrett-Koehler and The Acquisitions Guild, the methods and teachings I’ve used in my own life to overcome great adversity throughout my career, are now available to everyone in Why Wait to Be Great, and I hope it encourages others to deal with their pain and follow their dreams just as I have with my own.”

Traditional Publishing

Traditional Publishing is a contractual agreement between the writer and publisher and in such circumstance, any wise author will put efforts in getting a clear understanding of his/her rights and benefits.

As a prime requirement, an author must have a full-blown manuscript with a proposal to be submitted to a traditional publishing house (or, if possible, have a literary agent do it for you). 

Your proposal will then be assessed by editors to determine whether it’s right for that house and whether to reject or to publish it. In some cases, an editor who is interested may send a manuscript back for revisions. Once the publishing house decides to publish your book, they will normally buy rights from the writer and pays an advance on future royalties. The house puts up the money to design and package the book, printing as many copies as it thinks will sell; markets and finally distributes the finished book.

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The Acquisitions Guild is affiliated with several major publishing houses/companies like Harper Collins, Penguin Random House, Simon and Schuster and many more publishing houses. What we do is we scout for books that could possibly be picked up by these industry players. Our main goal is to bring authors to these major publishing houses for possible acquisition.

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